Coffee Cup

December 2009


Create something with two or more interlocking parts using tools in the Stanford Product Realization Lab (PRL). I chose to solve the problem of how to cool hot coffee quickly so it's drinkable for someone who likes tepid drinks. After 


Sketching, Lathe/turning, Mill, Sanding, CAD, Anodizing



Prototypes & Testing

Using my trusty Fluke multimeter to see which types of containers cooled the water most quickly. I tried mugs, empty tin cans, stirring the water, and various combinations with adding a lid. It became clear that the fastest way was to cool by having a large thermal mass. Steel would have been an optimal material, as it has a better ratio of heat capacity to mass, and the design could have been thinner because steel is a denser metal. Ultimately, I went with 6061 aluminum for ease of manufacturing the mug.

CAD Drawings & Manufacturing Plan


Testing it out at Peet's Coffee

Proud of the final mug