Robot Poster

The most recent assignment in Design 1 was to create a poster that used the basics we learned earlier in the quarter. Learning art is like learning music: one must do scales (i.e. paint 300 objects and order them) before you can play music (do fun things like posters). We could make the posters about anything, and have them printed out in any size. After playing around with a number of ideas, I settled on the one shown below. Before I tell you what it's about, I'll give you a chance to guess. Robot_Dating_saturated_for_Mike_small

The poster is an advertisement for a robot dating service - which is exactly what the characters say. I haven't decided if the robot is offered to humans in need of a companion for the weekend, or if he's looking for a female robot for himself. I don't think it matters.

One of the interesting lessons I learned from this project was what happens to colors on your computer screen when you try to print them, and how to work with a good printer to proof your idea until it works. I ended up with one version of the poster that looks good on screen, and one version that looks good when printed. It's subtle, but definitely worth the effort when the poster you're printing is 2' x 3'.